Taw9eel + Twitter = <3

I started following Taw9eel on twitter about a week ago. As I was tweeting back and forth with Taw9eel, I asked’em about water and wanted to order some (all via twitter), and since I was the first person to order via Twitter, they offered it for FREE 😉 I wanted Volvic water! About half an hour later I get a call from their delivery guy and instead of getting a box of Volvic only, I get another of ISBRE along with it… all complimentary from Taw9eel 😉 How cool is that?

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Follow Taw9eel on Twitter (link)

Follow me on Twitter (link)

Taw9eel Official Website (link) and their Tel # is 1821010

8 responses to “Taw9eel + Twitter = <3

  1. wow ! mabrook ! haha

  2. Ya, not a fan at all.

    Maachla.com is a better option if u ask me.

  3. Not a fan of them at all.

    I think Maachla.com is a much better option!

  4. Taw9eel is excellent service. Problem is after that everything is 50-100% over market price

  5. I tried them at their early start, and I got over 50% bill. Their design now is much better.

    I’m trying to compare prices now to see if they changed, but obviously their prices are wrong

    Aquafina 300 ml for 80 fils, 600 ml for 75 fils?

    For power drinks, if the prices posted are correct, that’s an acceptable difference now, though still a bit high. For Red Bull we’re talking about 13%. I usually look for water and beverages the most. But if I’m doing heavy grocery shopping, and trust me grocery bill keeps rising, that’s a considerable difference. I just compare it to the wasted time and decide then.

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