Juju’s 518 Cookies

Okay! I am touched!! This was one “sweet” surprise from Juju’s!

Ms. Ghanima contacted me through my blog and asked for my contact info because she wanted to “surprise me”… I had no idea that the surprise was gonna be from Juju’s! So the next day, I come back home from work and I find this HUGE brown box in the kitchen waiting for me with a greeting card from Juju’s

I open it and find cookies… lots of cookies!! BIG cookies with a big cookie sandwich in the middle ❤

Three kinds of cookies, chocolate chip, rocky road, and cookie sandwich 😉 Check the cookies out with the butterfly (in my logo) – How cute is that?

Apparently they read my previous post about them when I wrote about their giant birthday cookie from my friend’s party and decided to give me some… well give me A LOT! A lot that I actually shared hahaha!

Not only that but they actually took the time to read my previous post and talked to me about it, such as why I dont like their cupcakes much and why they use this kind of chocolate on the cookies for decorations!

Juju’s and everyone behind Juju’s… I cant thank you enough for this amazing and yummy surprise! Special thanks to Ghanima 😉

To know more about Juju’s, check out their official website (link)

13 responses to “Juju’s 518 Cookies

  1. looks yummy, nice & fresh 🙂

  2. Ma ga9eraw! 😀

  3. Bl3afyaa Seema, they look yummy, heat them up and eat 😉 XXXXX HOT ;p

    My mum is a big and i mean a big fan of JuJu`s Cookies 😉

  4. شكله يشوق احب الكوكيز

    عليج بالعافيه 🙂

  5. bel 3afya ansam , you deserve it 🙂

  6. they look so delicious..i wana take a huge bite out of it!!! so sweet of them..love the personalized touch!!

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