Surprise at Edo!

As usual, we went ahead and booked a table for my birthday at Edo. We’ve been doing this for quite a few years now 😉

It was just us (my sisters and I) and a couple of friends. As usual, we enjoyed our dinner so much… I was waiting for dessert, cuz I saw Mimmi (my sister) holding a bag when we came in 😉 I had no idea what it was. Since last Sunday, I have been coming home from work and was asked not to go anywhere near the KITCHEN! Mimmi and her friend Zahra were preparing “something” for me!! Everyone kept telling me that Mimmi had an idea and shes implementing it in the Kitchen with Zahra, and I had no idea what they were cooking!! Literally cooking LOL! So it was finally time, and right after dinner… Mimmi went in with one of the chefs and I could see them from behind the sushi bar preparing something! She came back and …. TA DA….

Sushi sugar covered cakes!!! HOW COOL IS THAT! She really outdid my idea of the cheeseburgers on her birthday! I LOVE THIS! The Maki dessert roll, look at this… it has sugar avocado like pieces on it with a slice of sugar ginger like and wasabi too! Look inside, a crispy-like cake thing!!

Check out the details on the salmon! And those yummy sugar gingers (gari) on the side…. WOW! And they taste so good too… sweet sushi idea ❤

She told me that she had went to WOW to ask them to do it initially. They told her they couldnt do it :-O!!!! They’re too small in size and whats not, so she took this as a challenge and made it all with her own hands! Mashalla Mashalla…. I love you Mimmi!!

18 responses to “Surprise at Edo!

  1. Wow! MashalA mashala mimi this is a work of an artist!

    Feech 3rj yabani? :p 7arakathom hathy!

  2. Mashallah!!! Great work!! Mimi!!! Now take these pictures and put them in the face of the WOW ppl who didn’t know who to do their job 😉

  3. mashalaaah , loved the sushi idea , is there going to be mimmi ‘s kitchen? 😀

  4. wow thats so nice!:) bel3afya sweety

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  6. Merci merci, or shall I say Arigato?!

  7. Ansammmmm i just love ur blog it is soooooo coool ,you are a real Talent and full of creativity,im not flattering you but honestly u should be proud of urself!!!

  8. wow..thats really kewl idea!!!it makes it extra special when a loved one does something like this… really sweet…
    Note: Mooo (My sis) & B take notes ;P

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