Lunch at Chocolate & Macaroon

I had some errands to run at Arraya, so I took my lunch break there and met my sister for lunch at Chocolate & Macaroon! The place was half full, all by -what it looked like- people taking lunch breaks from near by buildings!

We placed our orders and noticed that they have a sign advertising their brunch menu on weekends! I didnt know about it! Gotta try it one day… no?

Shortly after, our food arrived. Bambina burgers (cheese burgers) for appetizers, Mushroom Risotto for me, and Three Pastas for my sister!

Those are really really tiny!!!!

You can have it in one single bite, and one is not enough hahaha! Anywho…. this is my Mushroom Risotto

Very subtle taste/flavor with real fresh mushrooms that kept their shape well if you know what I mean! It wasnt too mushy either, the balance of “liquid-y rice” was right! Worth trying 😉

My sister enjoyed her meal as well, since she cant tolerate cheese very well, she wished it was in lesser amounts! She offered me some, but I was so full and so into my risotto and missed on that!

One is penne in creamy mushroom sauce, the other is spaghetti in pink sauce, and the last one is Penne All’arrabbiata!

Price tag? I wouldnt really know cuz my sister paid 😉

Side Note: Do you know what All’arrabbiata means? It means “angry style” which is contributed to the spiciness of the sauce used 😉

22 responses to “Lunch at Chocolate & Macaroon

  1. looks really good! i have never eaten there before

  2. i loved their presentation 😀
    the food looks yummy! bel 3fyah

  3. n i 4got to add.. im soo glad im not the only person who goes nuts with taking pix of food :p

  4. I think people should get over the slider/mini burger craze.. they never satisfy me 😦

  5. oh thats dos it i’m so hungree now

  6. Ahhhh! The risotto looks yum!
    @ mathai – no craze at all ! they should be glorified more ..after all they help some of us live in denial about eating healthy when having burgers 🙂

  7. NBK staff who moved into the adjacent office tower going to Alrrayah for coffee /lunch break has made the mall more alive. Thanks NBK

  8. Bel3afya inshallah 🙂

  9. Q80 In Denver

    is that a risotto or Machboos Mushroom? 😛

    it doesn’t look like a risotto at all! :p

    they had a 3 cheese bread .. I don’t remember the name .. that was really good! :p

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