Honeydew Icy Yogurt

A new flavor is “checked” on my Napket icy yogurt flavors’ list now…. Honeydew Icy Yogurt! ITS GOOD!

Whatta wonderful outcome! I really really loved this flavor, but watermelon is still my number one flavor! So… The list is again narrowed down 😉 I only have the blackberry flavor left on my list to try 😉

The list is now narrowed down to (and in order of my preference);

  • Natural/Original (check)
  • Watermelon (check)
  • Honeydew (check)
  • Raspberry (check)
  • Blueberry (check)
  • Peach (check)
  • Coconut (check)
  • Mango (check)
  • Green Tea (check)
  • Blackberry

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 2259-7755

14 responses to “Honeydew Icy Yogurt

  1. Ansam you were right!
    Napket’s yogurt is waaay better than pinkberry’s
    to be honest i only tried a sample
    but it was fresh , refreshing and wow!

  2. napket ICY yog is the BEST FULL STOP

  3. I likey , im still to try blackberry, peach, mango, coconut and watermelon..
    btw what’s 2day flavour?

    • Its better to call them everyday to inquire cuz I see your comment was on 15th 😉 I do not respond to comments on daily basis lel asaf 😦

  4. I’ve tried the watermelon last week and it was amazing!!! very rich and heavy 🙂

  5. I went to Napkit yesterday and I was shocked when I saw one of their staff emptying a basket of letttuce , Guess what he was using as a stand for the basket????? The Garbage container !!!!!!!!!

  6. i just tasted Watermelon this friday…it was yummylicious!! love it!! so far we have tried peach ,original and watermelon… 🙂

  7. tdy jarabt el mango 7ada 3ajeeeeb o mon3iiiiish (Y)!! way better than PB ;p!!

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