Monte Cristo at Home

I have been sick at home for the past couple of days, I spent all day (literally) in bed! I woke up and people were complaining about the weather (dust or rain or both???)! I was so out of it really, but anyways the cooking mood kicked in… and since I was craving Monte Cristo for quite some time, I went ahead and made me a sandwich 😉

Great! I have all ingredients! And now with the food pictures 😉 YUMMMMMM

Recipe (Link)

Ansam’s Kitchen (Link)

24 responses to “Monte Cristo at Home

  1. I haven’t tried a Monte Cristo before, but is it basically a french toast with turkey and cheese with jam on the side??

    It looks like a strange combination!

  2. am hungry;(

    salamaat Ansam ma tshofen shr

  3. sweet november

    salamaat matshofen shar .. shakla so yummy bel3aafya

  4. back to good old posts **FOOD RECIPE**

  5. oOhH … mashofeen shar

  6. Looks nice but I cant eat Monte Cristos coz it feels like I’m having french toast with meat in it. I prefer a Cuban sandwich 😉

  7. bl3afya. This looks much better than early bird’s, mashala.

  8. umbaaaiii shaklaa latheeth mashallah 🙂

    3alaich bil3aafya

  9. I tried making a Monte cristo at home for the first time, and I loved it,, thnx for the inspiration:) lol

  10. Yummmmy, I want 🙂

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  14. eee intai oo fahad itsolfoon 3an il akil oo ana il maskeeen ilil ga3id asa3bil…ya mac and cheese ya hal amazing french toast monte cristo thingi

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