Raspberry + Peach Icy Yogurt

Its been a while since I have updated you on the new Icy Yogurt Flavors I have tried from Napket!

I got to try Raspberry

And from the way I talk about Icy Yogurt, I was asked to bring some back home with me

And a couple of days later it was Peach flavor!

The list is now narrowed down to;

  • Natural (check)
  • Green Tea (check)
  • Coconut (check)
  • Watermelon (check)
  • Blueberry (check)
  • Mango (check)
  • Raspberry(check)
  • Peach(check)
  • Blackberry
  • Honeydew

I like the natural/original flavor the best followed by the watermelon one! It is still the best flavor I have tried from their selection! YUMMMMMM

Napket is located in the Avenues Phase II and their tel # is 2259-7755

17 responses to “Raspberry + Peach Icy Yogurt

  1. Ansam…stop the Napkit yogurt posts……Her just has to go try it whenever you post !!! 😛


  3. emmm I’ll go to the avenues after work and I’ll try the watermelon flavor 😛
    7asaita yummy !

  4. i got the peach icy yogurt this friday…it was nice…i still didnt get the watermelon icy yogurt..your posts are killing me !!! 🙂

  5. I think I’m going tonight:p

  6. bema enich 5abeera eb napket.. abi ajarebah fa shino a7la flavor eb rayech ajarba?

    • a7la flavor is the original, which is always available, but right after that is the watermelon… in which you have to call them before to check what the flavor of the day is 😉

  7. You’re bad Ansam :S I crave for Frozen yogurt everytime i see your pics hahaha! keep’em comin! ;p

  8. wow ! re7t ams w its my first time with napket wayed 3jabny their yogurt ! its amazing @@ !
    i ordered the orginal one topping with strawberry , pomegranate and mango , w yesterday’s flavor was coconut my friend ordered it and we liked it ..

  9. hey sweetie,, do you know how many calories are in it???i want to know

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