Judee La La <3 BACCH

I got this letter by email and Judee La La’s facebook group;

“Dear valued customer,

We at Judee La La take our childrens health and well being, very seriously.

Bayt Abdullah (BACCH) has a Fund Raising Campain going on, with every 2KD pin bought, the proceeds will go towards building BACCH‘s dream.

So, we are pleased to announce, that every purchase you order from www.judeelala.com we will donate 2KD to BACCH and you will receive a pink BACCH pin as a thank you!

Please support their cause.

Every smile counts, Every hug counts, Every wish counts
Every moment counts, Every fils counts, Every pin counts
Every word counts, Your support counts, YOUR PRESENCE COUNTS

please visit their site for more information http://bacch.org/

warmest regards,

Judee La La Team”

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For more on the Bayt Abdulla Campaign, check my post about it (Link)

5 responses to “Judee La La <3 BACCH

  1. I saw that also in some of Alshaya stores, like Boots and Starbucks.

  2. Me got meself all 4 colors :o)

  3. I got all colors as well, and I have seen them in Starbucks and Debenham’s!

  4. Good job Judee La La!!
    I have the purple one and I guess am gonna buy the other three just like u guys, I mean why not? I felt so good doing that.
    Long time ago I bought a Teddy bear that comes along with short story about sick kids from Carebou Coffee that was also a part of Bayt Abdulla fund raising campain.
    Wish them luck!!

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