Caribou’s New Lattes

Caribou is now offering a variety of new lattes… If I am not mistaken they were caramel, earl grey, vanilla pomegranate, black tea, cinnamon, and traddition, from which I picked the Traddition Chai Latte (skimmed)! My sister tried the caramel one!

A spiced up full body blend of Indian spices latte!! Did that make sense?! It can be enjoyed as is, or with a side of cake… day or night kinda drink! Do not add sugar or anything to it… just enjoy the spices within! The aroma? Well that is something else! I loved it.

Price tag? KD1.300 for the small size

To of my sister’s colleagues joined in… they were very nice and generous that they shared a slice of cake and a bagel! I feel bad since I dont usually do that and I dont like sharing my food, specially when its so small ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways… Howaida ordered (and shared) a sesame bagel with a spread of cheese

I had one of those pieces! I love it and I am glad to know that Caribou offer bagels! An Idea for breakfast at work maybe? ๐Ÿ˜›

And here is Ebtihaj’s slice of cake

Again… shared – Chicago Squares style ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehe

Check out Caribou’s new menu at KTPD (link)

10 responses to “Caribou’s New Lattes

  1. i lve tried caramel and pomegrante , LOVED EM BOTH

  2. with these ever increasing prices at Cafes in Kuwait next time i go there i will order one Lattes and three straws .

  3. Yeah I tried their Vanilla Pomegranate Latte! It was OK, soothing and feels like u wanna have it before you go to bed or on a Saturday morning! ;p The prob. with Caribou, is that the flavors really over-whelm the bitterness of the coffee itself!

    They just launched, maybe all come around!

  4. I like their chocolate moca, and you should try their coffee turtle (the hot one with white chocolate)

  5. loved caribou , btw they have home delivery now :)))

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