Safety at Work

My friend, Samar AlBader, posted this pic few days back, and it made me think….

How serious do we take such risks or safety arising of work activities we do!?

So if one of those cleaners fall, he takes the other with him? This is so sad 😦

On another note, check out her Flickr for more pictures (Link)

10 responses to “Safety at Work

  1. هذي أقوى علامات وطرق الامان
    اذا لاسمح الله طاح

    راج يجر معاه صاحبه

    يعني مو بس مصيبة
    الا مصيبتين

  2. I have seen many violations to work safety around Kuwait.

    the government have to be strict about these things.

  3. ohhhhhhhhh i know himmmmmm “7abeeeeb allaaaahhh ” his name tawne nadita o raweta his pic he smiled :p hehehehe ya7lailaa 😀

    oo its true waied 5a6irrrr !!!! :S wat can we do ! 😦

    thanx ansam and samar 😉

  4. في بيتي لا أسمح للخدم بالخروج من النافذة بهذا الشكل ، فحياتهم أهم من شباك نظيف.

  5. Misakeen…are they wearing mountain climbing gear to clean windows? That is just ridiculuous.. Cliffhanger, literally

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