NBK – Voice Your Thoughts!

Okay! This is pretty cool… NBK created a special Twitter account called TellNBK to hear all about your banking experience. Tweet them your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns.


While you’re at it… check NBK Page’s Twitter account (Link)

Tweet away 😉

4 responses to “NBK – Voice Your Thoughts!

  1. In 140 characters or less!

    I don’t have a twitter account but my demand is simple: Make a web portal that is actually usable!

    IE is not the only browser and it’s not an option for everyone, believe it or not!

    While it, make a phone-friendly version of it.

    You could learn a few things (if not many) from KFH’s portal.

  2. Speaking of KFH, I don’t use much of either twitter or any portals or whatever you seem to call them. But it’s one thing (if not many) KFH can learn from NBK.

    Such as : Customer service and the friendly-ness of the staff!! The most horrible staff I’ve ever seen are in KFH. I’ve been to over 7 if not 10 branches in totally different locations in kuwait. A smile will not kill you 🙂

    If it’s one thing you should know, is how to make customers happy, and keep coming back. Two thumbs up NBK.

  3. Ansam: Thank you for your post.

    MBH: we would love to hear from you on how to make our web-portal more user friendly.

    Dana: Thank you for your wonderful comment. We are glad your happy with our service:)

  4. @ TellNBK, I did receive an email from you guys yesterday. I’ll reply as soon as possible.

    One more thing: A friend was abroad 2 weeks back and he was calling NBK’s international assistance number and no one was picking up!
    He got help when he called the local number! :/

    @ Dana, I agree with you; the service in the branches at NBK is much better than KFH, but I only go to a branch once every 6 months or so, the rest is online.

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