Ad – Wazzan Tea

Sexy look or what?


20 responses to “Ad – Wazzan Tea

  1. I’ve often wondered why that poor man has a tea bag in his mouth 😀

  2. i cant read arabic but lookin at this guy’s pic makes my eyes sore…

  3. wai3 lol tawni antibih ina 7a6 tea bag in his mouth !

  4. Awal shay hagait bs 7a6ain 9orat el.bani adam elli shayfena so I assumed y3ni ena they are trying to say that there are people who like their tea and they wanted to show his picture regarding his look b3dain lama sheft el.tea bag LOL 3rft ena el.designer khwara wel.model rayal masken la lah wala 3alaih.
    This is bad!
    Really bad!

  5. lool i saw it roaming in streets .. 7adaa molayig da3ayyaat chai … a7la shay el Zero style “the hanging tea bag in his mouth”

    lesson learned, don’t do cheap modeling in Kuwait 😛

  6. hahaha! i saw tht a while back..looooks like a doggy who got caught eating something with the evidence sticking out of his mouth 😀

  7. They should have put another tea bag on the other corner of his mouth for balance (يوزن مزاجك ؟(

  8. Moody Panties

    I’ve always thought this is the most ridiculous ad I’ve ever seen!! Seeing that tea bag dangling from his lips is not cool…not cool at all!

  9. lol he’s not handsome at all for me ! :p
    silly ad!

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