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Thank You Laki Ladies

Laki would like to thank all its members on the occasion of being recognized as the “Best Ladies Banking Service in the Middle East 2010” by The Banker Middle East Magazine!

Wohoooo! WTG Laki 😉


I got an organic cotton blend tank top from H&M

Very comfy! Perfect to wear for the gym, yoga classes, and well…its a tank top, its an essential item to have

I liked it so much that I went back and got almost every color available – LOL

Best part is… they are priced at KD2.900 😉 Not bad, eh?


I got this by email:

“Are you looking for branded T-shirts, Pants, and Caps that’s not available in your country and you don’t have the time to get it from abroad. Eksha5 provides 100% original products to you now New HOLLISTER & ABERCROMBIE summer collection available now @ bait deema behind Starbucks jibla (elkaneesa) hurry its Limited quantity!!”

Check our their Facebook Group for more info (link)

Thanks Alzeen 😉

Recommended – Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air is a rechargeable external battery and a case for iPhone.

I love it 😉

Lost in Translation?

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels on – Arabic site

Thanks Dhari M. 😉

Ad – Classified!

Whadya think!?

Funny City Names

Just think of the funny city names we have in Kuwait…

  • Mahboula = Stupid (female)
  • AlDahar = The Back (body)
  • Madinat Al Hareer = Silk City (proposed)
  • Chabd = Liver
  • AlSurra = Belly Button
  • Abu AlHasani = Father of Foxes (as in 7esni)
  • Hadiya = Gift

This is just to name a few… and while in Dubai I saw Umm AlSheif

Anyone knows what it means?

Any funny city names you came across?

Thanks for all the tweets on the city names 😉

Japanese Clip in Arabic – HILARIOUS!

Special dedication to Noufa K. 😉


Via Kuwait Black Market 😉

More on 20.24K Nail Spa

As I promised in my previous post about 20.24K Nail Spa, here I am… back with more pictures 😉

So last Friday, I was home chilling with some friend when I got this package…

A goody bag from the very kind people at 20.24K Nail Spa 😉 I happily accepted the invitation, and I must say it was well presented and consistent with their theme as explained in my previous post about them, the vault!

The bag contained a chocolate from Opera wrapped in gold bullion like box

An envelope that contains the golden coin which is the actual gift voucher

And finally a Continue reading

Watermelon Icy Yogurt

I really want to try all of Napket’s icy yogurt new flavors! Now I have already tried the coconut one, but yesterday I overdosed on the watermelon flavor!

I was at the Avenues with my sister and her friend. We had breakfast at Dean & Deluca that day! After some shopping I really wanted to have icy yogurt and so we did!

I am on a mission to try all those flavors! I mean watermelon and yogurt does not sound very Continue reading