Falafel and Labneh

I have been craving Falafel and Labneh fatayer lately… and so I ordered it from two different places so far

Fatayer Ala Altayer

and Fatayer & Saj Alarz

I personally prefer the light colored falafel, which is used in Fatayer Ala Altayer… It was lighter and the dough tasted better than Fatayer & Saj Alarz! If you prefer lighter falafel taste with creamy labneh, go for Fatayer Ala Altayer….

Do you know of any other places that serves this item?

Both menus can be found in Q8PaperDump

Fatayer Ala Altayer

Fatayer & Saj Alarz

15 responses to “Falafel and Labneh

  1. Ok so now I’m craving falafel min el 9eb7!

  2. F2o…. you’re on a diet!
    Somsom….you’re evil! :*

  3. Dalal it’s been ages since I last had Fa6ayer, shouldn’t I reward myself? :p

  4. F20…. you can have it if you want everything in moderation is good 🙂

  5. wow..those are some heavy fatayers…i haved had from Fatayer Ala Altayer yet…might give it a try soon 🙂 looks really tempting!!

  6. If u want gr8 falafel fa6ayr try BrBr elJabriyah latheethah 😉 and of course 99! Their Falafel sandwich is amazing crunchy from the outside, moist from the inside has a zesty lemony flavor. But its very crucial that u eat it in the car right away! I’m telling never ever have it delivered, and never wait till u get home to eat it! One way to eat it=CAR! 😉 enjoy

    • I tried BrBr… its not bad at all, but do they have falafel and labneh? Thats my new mission now hahahaha! I heard Dodo’s Falafel sandwich is good too!!! Thanks for the recommendation

  7. I love fatayer al-rawda (i think in block 5) but i dunno if they have good labna and falafel

  8. Ansam, u should definitely try swiss corner ele bel tha7ya their labnah and falafel fa6ayer is unbelievably good, mouth watering, literally..

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