Up & Down Buttons Usage :-P

Taken in Behbehani Tower in Kuwait City…..

That’s good to know….. I guess 😛

Thanks Lateefa K. 😉

12 responses to “Up & Down Buttons Usage :-P

  1. I saw the same thing at alSalam hospital.
    I wonder how low someones I.Q. has to be for them not to know the difference!?

  2. i guess its for some ppl we see pressing both buttons thinking that the elevator will come faster!

  3. LOL!!! I don’t blame them! Some People are too lazy to use their brains.

  4. Aside from why did you go there in the first place, as funny as it may seem, it’s still necessary. You’d be surprised how many people press the UP button to call the elevator up then attempt to go down. We used to suffer as one floor below us was full of indian workers who thought this is how it works. I recall even a Kuwaiti once doing it

    • I got this pic from a friend 🙂 I know, I see those people but never thought I would see an actual sign for it and in Arabic!!! Hahahahaha

  5. LOL mn 9jhm
    bs Zain ysawon fe nas t’9’36 up & down same time thinking it will reach early =\ …. GOD !!!

  6. LOL
    Tara wallah zain ysawoon chithi !!
    Ana ma 3raft hatha ella gabel 2 years 😀

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