MMC Catering

Being the foodie that I am, I am recommending this facebook group for you to join 😉

Its called MMC Catering!

Many restaurants in Kuwait are under the MMC Catering such as Italo’s

Crimson Garden

Cafe Meem



I have been to all the restaurants mentioned above, well except for Cafe Meem but I tried their food in TOK 2010.

Anyways click the links below for some of my reviews 😉

Dinner @ Rice

Another Trip to Crimson Garden

Mentioning Italo’s in this post

Mentioning Cafe Meem in this post


4 responses to “MMC Catering

  1. I ❤ all those rests. above… aside from the latest rice fiasco of course and sawa7's bad chairs

    cafe meem however is very good! They have this salad, the grilled aubergeine encrusted with bread crumbs over a lovely green salad with yoghurt and herb dressing… it is so good… so fresh… and so yum

    also their fatayer is cute and their bread is warm and lovely! I like the place already 😀

  2. havent really been to all the above restaurants yet 😦 but its on my list to try 🙂

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