I <3 McDonald's Sundae!

I love ice cream and frozen yogurt in general… but every once in a while I do crave McDonald’s Sundae… in a cone 😉 So yummy and its 150 fils only 😉


12 responses to “I <3 McDonald's Sundae!

  1. الصورة عجييبة

  2. I love it too with hot chocolate fudge! YUM!

  3. Somsom…did I call you evil today?? I think I will again. YOU R EVIL!!! I’m going for a McSunday now and God help me if Fahad finds out! I’m going to say kila minich 😉

  4. LOL! I meant *Sundea* ;p

  5. ummmmmm….yummmm!!!! ice creams..i can eat 3 of those.. 😀 i go mad during summers

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