Kinokuniya – Dubai Mall

One of the “good spots” to stop at while in Dubai Mall is Kinokuniya Book Store 😉

The place is HUGE! Its awesome!

20 responses to “Kinokuniya – Dubai Mall

  1. My favourite book store, I once entered and literally came out with 20 books.Superb!

  2. *siiiiiigh*

    you know what gets me REALLY JEalous? from Dubai?

    Not the tall sky scrapers and endless malls and stores…

    the book stores 😦

    I would totally lose my self for days on end in there… just smelling the books… almost everything is available… you have a choice to choose whatever you feel like reading…

    and here?

    Virgin Mega Store now specializes in Cook Books, Home Design, Beauty Books, and Books on how to utilize your resources to become the top notch modern day slave for the pleasure of your husband… thus fulfilling your role in life and trying to prevent him from marrying another on you!

    There is this book… this hilarious book that deserves a series of posts on it’s own… i will try to dig it up and scan it… you’ll see what i mean…

  3. Oh, I love this place already .. it just makes wanna read all the books. Back in the States, I liked going to B&N

  4. Amazing bookstore,, love it! but you shouldn’t be there with naggy people .. they’ll ruin ur visit ;-P

  5. Sadly, we will never see a store like this in Kuwait as English is not widely read and spoken as it is in the UAE. Even Virgin slashed their store size here and they have 3 large stores in Dubai alone.

  6. My kind of place!!! I’d stay in there forever!!!
    I wish we have this here 😦

  7. that is my favorite store in dubai mall..hell in all of UAE! i once spent one hour there, got seperated from my group and they spent the whole time looking for me there, I wouldnt answer my phone coz i was so much in awe..even their stationary is pretty amazing! i would love to go their japan shop:)

  8. I love this place! I could even live inside that shop 🙂 Did you see their comic section *faints*

  9. I could live there ❤

  10. WOW!! we need such bookstores in Kuwait!!!

    WE NEED THEM!!!!

    ahem ahem… 😛
    Glad you enjoyed it dear

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