Chocolateness Goes Peanut Butter!

Again, the very kind people at Chocolateness sent me their yummies, this time it was peanut butter chocolate molten cakes!

As you may all know, I am a BIG fan of their chocolate -original- molten cake. I have tried other flavors, but none of which topped the taste of the original chocolate one… till I got to try the peanut butter one!

Now keep in mind, that may or may not be the final look of it… it is still under testing…

Looks aside, the taste is outta this world! To me, personally, peanut butter and chocolate are an amazing mix! I love the taste of’em together. It was just perfect… to the point where I think its almost as good as the original one!

Thank you Chocolateness team for spoiling me… dont you ever stop that! I ā¤ you!

Chocolateness is a small project managed by Kuwaiti youth providing homemade chocolate molten cakes, and not just in one flavor. To order, give them a call on 9990-6890

Joing their facebook group for more pictures, info, and news (link)

23 responses to “Chocolateness Goes Peanut Butter!

  1. Chocolate and peanut butter are a great pair. I like peanut butter and nutella on toast. Well worth it. Great post.

  2. AHHHHHHH peanut butter ā¤ !!!!

    Shakla laatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth ou mouth watering šŸ˜› !!

  3. Eb cham ???

  4. As a non chocolate eater!!! Would they be interested in experimenting by doing the same with no chocolate? I’d love that

  5. Hello Ansam, thank u very much for ur lovely post , as always great from u =))… 3alaich bel3afya oo ma ga9artay:))

  6. i just called them mako ŲØŁŠŁŠŁ†ŲŖ ŲØŲŖŲ±

  7. They look yum… However the one time i sms’d them to order from them for my family gathering last week… no one even replied to my sms šŸ˜¦

    maybe when they open a story or something i will get to try them… until then i won’t sms again…

  8. ŁƒŁˆŁˆŁˆŁ„ Ų°Ł…

  9. LOL Ansam! At this exact moment I’m having a Reeses PeanutButter Egg chocolate. Qawiya. I read this post and immediately called the number haha but it’s switched off. I’m so ordering them very soon!

  10. when will they offer it to us, the public ya Ansam šŸ˜›

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