Prime & Toast Friday!

Last Friday was my cousin’s birthday, so I decided to take him out for breakfast 🙂 We decided on the way to go to Prime & Toast

Two black coffee did the works! It was a beautiful day and I am glad we managed to get a table out… to enjoy the nice weather while it last 🙂

I ordered my egg Benedict on a bagel (Last time I was there, the bagel was plain with no sesame). I prefer the plain one. This one was FULL of sesame, but I ate most of it anyway 😛

It was my cousin’s first time there… he decided to go with the zataar (thyme) omlette.. He loved it 😉 Wonder why I did not take a bite out of his plate!!!

Our bill came to around KD5 something 😉

8 responses to “Prime & Toast Friday!

  1. It’s not one my favorite breakfast places to go to kilish!=/ it took them about 45 mins to bring us the food!!

  2. Bagels *drools*

    3lekom bel 3afiya… Prime & Toast is one of my top ten favorite breakfast places in Q8 sra7aa… i think i might go tomorrow for breakfast after seeing this bagel…

  3. we love prime & toast..their breakfast is really delicious!!especially their turkey chedder omellete..super yummylicious!! 🙂

    • I always go for the egg Benedict on a bagel… I should give other items a try and not just steal a bite from whoever is with me hehehehe

  4. Where is it located??

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