Sultan Center – Hawalli

So at last I got the chance to shop at Sultan Center in Hawalli! I picked a time where it wasnt too crowded and I really like it there! Its spacious and the staff are very attentive and helpful! Though I am most comfortable and used to shop at the one in Sharq because I usually go after work, which is perfect…. its close to where I work and its kinda empty at around 4:00ish PM!

Which Sultan Center is your favorite and why?

18 responses to “Sultan Center – Hawalli

  1. hmmm wedy aro7 cuz kel mn yemd7a ! i ❀ sultan el-salmiya l2na i used to go there when i was a kid ! w ely karhta sultan el-jabeya :r

  2. Ok Ansam, i would love to see you pas by hawalii around 7:00ish PM ;Pp

  3. My favorite is the one in Souq Sharq because of the reasons you stated. I prefer to go when there’s not much of a crowd and I can shop in peace. It’s also the closest to my home. Plus it’s the only Sultan Center where I can actually find my favorite Pace Picante Sauce in “Medium” because “Hot” is too spicy and “Mild” is tasteless.

  4. Sharg and kout

  5. Mine personally is sharq! cause its near home and because I’ve just memorized the places of everything I need so there is no need to look in every shelf :p

  6. Sharq is my fav
    m3anna b3ed bs a7eba

  7. same here usually shop at sultan in sharq coz its near to our work place…we had been to the hawalli one when it opened initally..its a good one and really spacious!! i like the salmiya one too but its usually very crowded!!even shuwaikh has a decent one πŸ™‚ but overall i prefer the sharq and salmiya one!!

  8. Salmiya . . . childhood memories πŸ˜€

  9. Sharq and Al-Koot. I don’t know why :p

  10. sharq it less crowded and you take ur time there. Salmiya is croweded and small., so if you know what you want it’s faster.. I kind of like the Jabriya one for late night emergency shopping spree ( however elevator floor hopping is a pain)

  11. I’m so used to the salmiya one..I know where everything is =D hawalii sultan is TOO big..but it does have more of everything

  12. Salmiya is my favorite… i always associate it with the old days and in every aisle i have a memory, childhood memory, teenage memory, college memory or marriage memory…

    Sharq i like it 2nd best but its kinda dim madry laish? It makes me a bit depressed and it smells of something? But for breakfasti would go there…

    Salwa branch i like as well, it’s third, again childhood memories… it was our treat to go there after we pickup my siblings from their schools in Salwa so it’s always special

    Last but not least, the Jabriya Branch… its stuffy o small o the parking is horrible, but its 5 minutes away from home and very very VERY handy

    i ❀ TSC

  13. I love Souq Sharq branch .. so spacious and near !

  14. I like the Jabriya branch. Its close to my house πŸ˜€

  15. Try TSC wholesale in Shuwaikh.. great if your shopping for a houshold or family!

  16. kil maraa agoul abi arou7 wede adeshaa
    bs wla dsheetaa πŸ˜›

  17. Interesting feedback! Salmiya does bring back childhood memories but the area is crowded, the parking is almost always full thats why I avoid it and go to Sharq at 4… so I got used to it (its close to work and home too)

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