Congrats Delly – Thanks Chocolate & Macaroon

Earlier this month, we had some yummy chocolate fondant at Chocolate & Macaroon in Arraya. I accompanied my order with white coffee

The chocolate fondant was so yummy and so rich!

As I was eating and enjoying the company, I could not help but notice their unique style chandelier, which I posted a question about on April 3rd.

Delly was the first right answerer and for that I wanted to treat her to some yummies from Chocolate & Macaroon… but guess what? The wonderful guys at Chocolate & Macaroon wont let me pay for it! They wanna treat her themselves! How kind and how wonderful! Thank you Chocolate & Macaroon ❀ and congratulations Delly πŸ˜‰


Delly sent me a picture of her Macaroons! Enjoy it to the max πŸ˜€

For Chocolate & Macaroon menu on Q8PD, click here!

19 responses to “Congrats Delly – Thanks Chocolate & Macaroon

  1. Bel-3afya πŸ™‚
    I’ve never been there yet. How was the white coffee? I thought it’s water :s

  2. I agree…absolutely scrumptuous.The best part about Kuwait is all the food and beverage start-ups, great entrepreneurial spirit!

  3. How sweet!
    3aleha bil.3afya ;D

  4. thats so nice:D 3aleaha bel3afya:)

  5. Thaaaaaaanks Ansam so much ;*
    their macaroons are the best, and the gift came right on time ;p

  6. last time when we were at chocolate & macaroon we ate like crazy…hehe.. we love their macaroons!!looks like u guys had good fun.. πŸ™‚

  7. waaaaaaaaayy 3ajeeebbb πŸ˜‰
    bel 3afyaaahhhhhh

  8. Thanks everyone πŸ˜‰ Alla ye3afeekom

  9. Not a fan of Macaroons at all! Gara6ees :p

    bel 3afiya πŸ™‚

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