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Kuwait’s Online Pharmacy

Kuwait Pharma is the first online pharmacy in Kuwait (correct me if I’m wrong). I checked out their site and it needs to be more user friendly. I also did not find an option to switch it to English. Has anyone tried it yet? What do you think? Is it working in accordance with the MOH?

What Do You Think?


Thanks Mimmi 😉


While waiting in line at McDonald’s I saw the McWings and decided to try’em

The box reminded me of McDonalds in Paris.

After I ate the first wing, I remembered that I did not take a picture, so the order comes with four chicken wings

Well… let me just say I expected them to taste better! I wish they had more options with the sauces instead of offering the chicken nuggets ones (Sweet Chili, BBQ, Sweet & Sour)… like for example spicy buffalo, blue cheese, ranch…etc!

Caught in the Act!

Reminded me of this No-No post!

Mini Hot Dogs

Last week I went to Johnny Rockets with my cousin

We shared buffalo wings with spicy sauce on the side (I didnt know they had an option like that, my cousin suggested it) and we both ordered mini hot dogs… mine were with mustard, hers were with ketchup!

The buffalo wings were so good. I liked the fact that the spicy sauce came as a side so you can control the level of spiciness! The mini hot dogs? Well… not so much! The bun was dry, the hot dogs lacked flavor for some reason! There was nothing special about this order, except the fact that they looked cute!

I am sticking to their burgers (and regular hot dogs)

Yay or Nay!?

Blue lights used in a house outdoor lights … Yay or Nay?

Coconut Shake

Back when I posted about the coconuts we got from Sri Lanka, Blogger Mathai recommended I try’em as a shake 😉

Not bad 😉

Back To Normal Pace

I am back to reality and normal pace! My little sister got married and her wedding was last Friday! I took a couple of days off work and off posting here due to the very very busy schedule, but I am back with many ideas and things to share with you! I will be posting about the wedding in general, the process, where to go to, and things you may need, encounter, face…etc!

Its good to be back to normal pace

Again – Busy BIG Day!

So today is another busy day -or a couple of’em- I will be back with pictures and posts soon!

Ta Ta for now 😉


We were driving west on 3rd Ring Rd. (between Faiha & Adaliya) and saw black smoke! I wonder what was burning! Any idea?