If Your BMI is More Than Healthy!

I am not sure about you, but I am not finding it clear…

“If your BMI is more than healthy please pick up one leaflet”

Something is not right… no?

15 responses to “If Your BMI is More Than Healthy!

  1. 🙂 i think they mean if ur BMI more than the healthy number :S

  2. Sorry ,but is BMI. thats another miscommunication .

  3. I think wht they mean is if ur BMI is over the ” normal BMI” it qualifies u as obese or overwieght..hence take the leaflet

  4. lool wehn you put it that way it is not right 😛

    but if you put the whole picture there is a meter that states the i think 4 different catagories if the bmi # is more than the healthy catagory that person is at risk of obesety 😛

    but nice catch 😉

    • I know… I was in the clinic and I kept reading it, then I snapped the pic before my number was called! I felt there was something wrong with it!

  5. hahahaah i love it0 i think they’re trying to put the fact that ur overweight or obese in a nice and proper way. ya3ni like mathalan if someone is fat some ppl would say she is not fat she is ‘pleasantly plump’ lol so i think the ‘overhealthy’ follows the same reasoning

  6. ansam ;

    I googled BMI and it is Body Mass Index .

  7. To me it seems like theyre trying to politely say “if youre fat”!

    .. keyword: politely

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