What Do You Think Happened?

Thanks Noon 😉

13 responses to “What Do You Think Happened?

  1. mmm 9awerta chan ye3amha cuz ma 3enda floos 7ag el mu5alafa:p

  2. يبون يصورون الطيارات اللي تمشي بسرعة
    والله تطور

  3. maybe they wanted the camera to take a close up shot 😛

  4. I’m sorry it was me, the other day I sneezed while driving next to it and this happened unintentionally 😦

  5. ملت الكاميرا من كثر ما وقفت
    قاعدة ترتاح

  6. Picture overload..

  7. i was there to witness it. wa7ed in a black suv d3amha o da3am the infiti jeep infront of it. the black suv ended up on the pavement knocking the camera down, and leaving me motionless behind him. ( aly shaf al7adeth o shaf wa7da ga3da eb sayart’ha malha sheqel bely 9ar, that was me ;D )

  8. you can never know wht really happens behind most of these accidents…but this one in particular looks really bad..definately a jeep ran into it!!

  9. Interesting scenarios LOL

  10. Royal AbdulAziz

    LOOOL ma5that-laha ‘3ailoola ….. it was car accident b3ed il shar 3ankom

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