Post Wedding Breakfast

We stayed till almost dawn that night! I was exhausted, happy but exhausted…. I did not sleep till it was around 5:00AM! Yeah, I got home, took a warm shower, changed, and after 60+ bobby pins I got to sleep, just to be wide awake at around 8:45AM! Grrrrrrr!

I switched on my phone and checked my text messages, then I sent a big thank you to our BlackBerry group of girls… I was hungry and asked if anyone was up for breakfast at Dean & Deluca or Au Bon Pain! Two of my friends were up for it, I picked one up while the second decided to meet us there! We ended up at Au Bon Pain since Dean & Deluca was full… I heard so much about this place and their bagels. So of course, I ordered a bagel sandwich with black coffee

Honey multi grain bagel, with emmental cheese, poached egg, turkey, and a hint of mustard spread on one side. It took me for ever to explain my order that I had to repeat it like three or four times. It came out really good, although it was more than just a “hint” of mustard spread, I loved it so much! My friend ordered the roast beef sandwich from their menu

She also had to repeat her order quite a few times. Her order wasnt custom made like mine, it was just straight of the menu and still had to repeat it a couple of times. My other friend opted for Parmesan bagel with turkey, cheese, and mushrooms. She also asked them to have it toasted

At first her order got to her with poached eggs, and it wasnt toasted so they took it back and fixed it… she also had to explain it few times.

All in all, the food and the bagels were really good, but the staff have an attention span problem! They really cannot concentrate for a full minute. They kept interrupting us before we finish and still got mixed up! Our total came to around KD11.

Anyways… we later on went to Dean & Deluca. We met the new manager and managed to get a table out!

When we asked for the check, they said its been taken care of for that I am a very loyal customer! Although I insisted to pay, they would not take no for an answer… How can I NOT love Dean & Deluca! Gotta love their customer service and for them to recognize their loyal ones is just great ❤

11 responses to “Post Wedding Breakfast

  1. bl3aafya
    l akel eshwweg
    d&d has the best customer service
    they served me ice-cream for free too because am a loyal customer hehehe

    and the staff is very nice and helpful
    i just love it there

    bs shmg3dch men l 9b7 b3d l 3rs

  2. Awww how nice!
    3lekom bil.3afya!

  3. ahhhhh luv their waffles ryog’hom a7la ryog !! itshawig ;p

  4. Breakfast is soo much fun!! we just love breakfast!!We didnt try their breakfast yet but Au Bon Pain has good sandwiches and brownie
    Dean & Deluca is awesome..their food quality and taste is just too good not to mention their service!! 🙂

  5. too bad i wasn’t there DAMIIT. i love free meals. 😛

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