Mini Hot Dogs

Last week I went to Johnny Rockets with my cousin

We shared buffalo wings with spicy sauce on the side (I didnt know they had an option like that, my cousin suggested it) and we both ordered mini hot dogs… mine were with mustard, hers were with ketchup!

The buffalo wings were so good. I liked the fact that the spicy sauce came as a side so you can control the level of spiciness! The mini hot dogs? Well… not so much! The bun was dry, the hot dogs lacked flavor for some reason! There was nothing special about this order, except the fact that they looked cute!

I am sticking to their burgers (and regular hot dogs)

17 responses to “Mini Hot Dogs

  1. speaking of hot dogs, where can i get the best?

    • I like khazan, and butterball! I also dont mind Americana… there is also a brand that I cant remember the name of! Ohhh and I love the movie theater ones, wonder what they use?!

  2. I have to try it

  3. i think am gona pay them a visit today hahaha

  4. their mini burger are good..

  5. best place & food on earth 🙂

  6. Dalal (om 3azoz)

    I miss Johnny *Sigh*

  7. el hotdog eshaweeeg, el mafrooth et7e6 hal sowalif bel weekend lol

  8. sorry et7e6een

  9. yummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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