While waiting in line at McDonald’s I saw the McWings and decided to try’em

The box reminded me of McDonalds in Paris.

After I ate the first wing, I remembered that I did not take a picture, so the order comes with four chicken wings

Well… let me just say I expected them to taste better! I wish they had more options with the sauces instead of offering the chicken nuggets ones (Sweet Chili, BBQ, Sweet & Sour)… like for example spicy buffalo, blue cheese, ranch…etc!


9 responses to “McWings

  1. محد مدحها للحين

  2. i posted them as well 🙂 i didnt taste them yet but B did and he liked it …yea even i felt that they need to have an option for a different sauce or some new dipping .

  3. 3ad ams sheft el go6i bel ma6bakh bel home bs kan mafeeh shay lol

    shakli elyom ba6lib ajarba 😛

  4. Royal AbdulAziz

    alay zeed il ni3ma kilesh mo 7ilo

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