Yay or Nay!?

Blue lights used in a house outdoor lights … Yay or Nay?

32 responses to “Yay or Nay!?

  1. Yikes! unless they have some kind of trance discotheque in there, the answer is nay nay nay! 😀

  2. Nay of course!

    he is driving us insane and blind in a single act of stupidity :P~

  3. Dalal (om 3azoz)

    Nay…very cheesy 😦

  4. Yobooooy! 3ayooneeee X_X

  5. Was that pic taken under water? 🙂

  6. Definitely Nay! unless it’s a disco or something …

  7. Nay

    I’m open to other colors though; like yellow or plum 🙂

  8. Hehehe i liked MARIO`s comment ;pP ” Was that pic taken under water? “

  9. Doesn’t look good 😦 so for sure it’s a Nay!


    You are making fun of him and You dont know why he is lighting his house blue ?!!!!!!!!!! ?!!!!!!!!!! min sejkom ?!!!!!!!!yay and Nay and u dont know why !!If you know u will say waaaaaayeeeeeeee.
    The guy is not stupid the GUY HAS A POINT.
    If you know why. then all of u will light blue 🙂
    I will tell u why next time ,Im sure u will be suprised 🙂
    many thankx from my heart for this guy.

  11. more like yaa3

  12. Wu67as! of course nay!!! :p

  13. No way ! Looks like a haunted house to meeeeee.
    If he was in the states the neighbour community would get together and give him a 48 hours to change the light….

  14. i like it


  15. seriously there are houses i wish to knock their door and ask why did you do that thing? this is definetley one of them! 🙂

  16. Nay, but still have to see it my self to confirm

  17. Nay, ugly. People in Kuwait would do anything for recognition! Remember the houses with purple and yellow exteriors!!

  18. r u sure this is a house? look at the upper left angle? isn`t this a mini minaret? I think this is a “7seenia” located in Bneid Alqar! and maybe the people in charge want it to be “well lit”.

  19. I posted today a comment but cant see it .

    Light It Up Blue campaign” – Autism Speaks is working with cities and organizations around the world to promote Autism Awareness by lighting up major buildings and landmarks with blue lights on the night of April 1st.

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  22. حقج علينا مره ثانيه ناخذ رايج قبل لا نحط الليتات ;p
    عاد الله يهداج جان صورتيه بكاميرا سنعه مو بهالكاميرا الكحيانه
    شوفي الفرق بين تصويري وتصويرج … هالصوره اهداء مني لكم

    شوفي الفررررررق بين صورتي وصورتج ;\

    عموما يالله شي حلو ان بيتنا انشهر سواء عاجبكم ولا مو عاجبكم ;p
    بس تراه بيت بيت مو حسينيه لا تألفون ، زين ماقلتوا مصنع بعد
    لا وحلوه هذي ببنيد القار صج كويتيين ابو التأليف

    • LOL ana mo qasdi shay wallah bes kent ba3arf laish el blue lights, 3abali for autism 😀 And I snapped a pic with my mobile as I was passing by 🙂 I like your picture mashallah
      Ana 3indi camera san3a by the way… but as I said I was passing by and I had my mobile with me at the time

      And read my post and comment – there is nowhere where I said its bad or anything 😉 And if you want me to remove the post I will 😉

  23. هههههههههه عجبني تفسير الليتات الزرقه
    لا ابد مو هذا السبب
    و حصرياً لموقعج راح اقول سببهم
    ببساطه خالي الي كان مشرف على بنيان البيت وهو الي ركب هالليتات الزرقه ويقول حلوين ، عاد اذا احد فيه خير يروح يكلم خالي خخخخخخخخ

    الحين بادين تدريجيا بتغيير اللون للاصفر بنجرب اشلون يصير الوضع ، لما تكمل الليتات الصفره بدزلكم الصوره ;p

    المهم فرصه سعيده اني شقت هالبلوق بعد مرور سنه من نشر صورة بيت العز يا بيتنا ;p

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