I was contacted by NBK to try out their new payment technology service – VISA PayWave using Nokia 6212- Bouky! Instead of paying with cash or cards, you wave your phone to get coupons by waving at smart posters and/or to pay for your merchandise by waving at a special device/reader available in almost all AlShaya stores and restaurants in the Avenues. It will like a pilot testing for few months before the official release 😉

The very nice staff at NBK – Avenues did the setting for me and briefed me on how to use it. They also linked it to my VISA card and linked it to another VISA (with a KD10 balance in it) – COOL! The device works with Zain line, so I was also given a prepaid Zain line along with it 😉

Because not all stores were ready for it last night, I could not use it for payment, but I got coupons 😉 Cool! I will be taking it with me every time I go to the Avenues and I will post about it whenever used! So stay tuned mi amigos!


18 responses to “Bouky

  1. The idea of using YET ANOTHER GADGET for payment is ridiculous!

    Why should I carry an extra phone, and pay for an extra phone line, where I could simply use the VISA card?! An extra gadget and a monthly fee don’t justify the laziness of taking a credit card from the wallet!

    Also, the phone uses RFID, which has been proven to be vulnerable and insecure. Many times. Many many times. Even RFID passports were hacked.

    This project is pointless & a waste of money…

    • MBH,
      visa wave requires a specific hardware to be used not found on all phones. But in the future all phones will have a way to comunicate with it via software or hardware(iPhone can comunicate with visa wave via software using it’s unique wireless tech, I don’t remember it’s name) so you won’t have to buy another phone. But for now not all phones support this, and this is just a test :p

  2. I like the idea, I heard that this is a big success in Japan….you can use it even on vending machines !!

  3. yeah, i got mine too. im looking forward to try it too.
    it should be much faster than paying with the card and waiting to sign it.
    we will see.
    see u there then ansam :p

  4. very developed 🙂

  5. wooow wanasaaa 🙂 NBK i can`t stop loving them

  6. Dalal (om 3azoz)

    Interesting….will look forward to the results of this test 😉

  7. BuJasem & His,

    @ BuJasem,
    I’m fully aware of the “unique” hardware. It’s still RFID based and vulnerable.

    Instead of buying a phone that has that very specific hardware, you know what other companies did? They bought an RFID chip and implanted it inside the phone. MAKES MORE SENSE! Check this link.

    See the link I posted to BuJasem above. In Japan they sell RFID-based credit cards that are pre-charged with credit, much similar to Viva/Wataniya/Zain’s refill cards.
    The catch? Those cards are anonymous. They contain zero information about you and you can buy anything from anywhere, and those cards are sold at all shops (7atta el baqqalat!).

    You can either dump the card, or refill it. It works both ways. Either way, it still contain no information about you.

  8. and yet another gadget to make payments. not fun for me. so many problems that i have at the al watani bank that i am thinking of switching.

  9. MBH,

    Actually the Bouky uses the same EMV protection as a normal chip card and therefore has to be fully certified by Visa. Because all the sensitive data is encrypted during the RFID transmission it is not vulnerable to attack as you suggest. The same technology is already widely deployed in the UK and will be used in London for the 2012 Olympics.

  10. BJ,

    Interesting. UK introduced RFID-based ePassports and they got cracked in a few months and hackers were able to clone an ePassport in about 1 minute using a laptop & by sitting next to a person!

    We’ll see how things go 🙂

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