TOK – Judging Panel

I was picked as one of the judges for the Taste of Kuwait event 😉 It was such a nice experience…

Anyways… the event got extended for one extra day – today, March 14th 😉 – and it will also be a day for the awards ceremony. I am going at around 4:30PM and I hope to see you all there 😀



8 responses to “TOK – Judging Panel

  1. re7t ams bas mo wayed 3ejabny :S
    awal shay mo kil el restaurants were there !
    6albna akthar men shay w yaw galolna e6elbaw ghairhom coz mo mawjodeen or ma yaw :S
    bas el sweet kan 7eloo walla 59o9an elly men athba bakery 6alabt el raspberry white chocolate tart + chocolate cheesecake soo yummy w ne6arna barra 3end el cashier for 15 min she said ana ba6e2a mo el system lol so cute …

    • I know. I wonder why the restaurants wont commit to the time given to them by TOK. It would make it much easier. Athba’s Bakery is AWESOME! I loved it

  2. u didnt update us 😦 tell us what happend there

  3. Ansaaaaaaaaaaaam… you were grrrrrreat and the othr judges too 😉

    Nice seeing you dear…
    All the best.

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