TOK – Again ;-)

I went to TOK again yesterday for lunch with friends and was able to take more pictures this time 😉

So I snapped pictures of the entrance and the different sections of the venue this time 😉

It was a bit quiet when we first got there at around 1:00PM. We paid KD1.5 entrance fee per person (keep in mind that the minimum charge is KD5 per person also), KNet was not working -which is okay, since I had cash on me… and I usually dont *whew*- Anywho… The place wasnt crowded yet, so I was pretty comfortable walking around with my camera and snapping away.

And off we go to Section “C” – my favorite part of the venue 😉

Ohhhh Baking Tray, my ❤

And thats their Thalassemia Tree!

Basically, you buy a red ribbon, write your name on it, and tie it to the three… I hope this tree becomes more red tomorrow… Yes, I am going again 😉

The indoor Zen garden 😉

Some restaurants took the extra mile into designing their booths… Awesome 😉

Bonsai Tree ❤ Me love!

Bistro Eighty6… one of the friendliest booths 😉

Cafe Meem… the one in 360 Mall

Melenzane’s booth

And now its food time (click here for their online menu) – Oh I have noticed this time that not all items are on the online menu! Oh well… here we go

We placed our orders… only problem was not all restaurants were ready so we had to wait a while for our food to arrive!

First dish… Kelloggs Chicken Tenders – Bistro Eighty6

Karchiofi Ragu Salad – Melenzane

Cheeseburger Rolls – Bistro Eighty6

Mamma Mia Bolognese – Melenzane

Burger – Bistro Eighty6

Uddo Bou (Wooden Sticks) – Meli Melo

And if I am not mistaken… Sushi Club’s WaW Maki

Prawn Plum – Sushi Club

Dolci Funghi – Melenzane

Fondue Melt-Away

I also enjoyed a refreshing drink from Toot & Mishmish called Twister

We were also offered samples from some restaurants, such as Baking Tray with their BEST chocolate chip cookies in town

Athba’s Bakery – More than once 😉

Scoop a Cone gelato ❤

Today is the last day… do not miss it 😉

Read my friend’s review here 😉

15 responses to “TOK – Again ;-)

  1. I’m droooooling all over again!! hahaha yummy.

    I referred to your post on mine 😉

    I want dessert:(

  2. I loved the decor, who designed it?

  3. Nice setup! I hate to be a pain but your photographs have come out a little ‘yellowy’ 😀
    Please stop using the BB for food shots.. its a gastronomical crime! 😛

  4. Passed by yesterday, it was oddly empty too! thought the place would be packed.. the food was great, my fav dishes by far were from Melenzane yummm.

    • Yeah it gets empty at some hours, I was there yesterday from 1 to 8 LOL. I was in the judging panel, waited for the results, and then met friends there. It was getting crowded by the time I left 😉

  5. i didnt get a chance to go back again..had a busy family weekend… 😦
    nice photo’s 🙂 even i didnt have a problem clicking around even thou there were ppl around :)everything looks yumm….i love the guys from Eighty6 Bristo.. 🙂

  6. hmmm … if it wasn’t for the diet!!!

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