Frosting Asooma!

My coworkers played a BIG prank on Asooma at work! She was really upset… (long story… and no, I am not going into details :-P) They felt really bad for what they did and got her a giant cookie, which she gave me a piece of, YUMMM!

Not only I got a bite of this cookie, but also a red velvet cupcake all of which from Frost πŸ˜‰ Its fluffy and light… as a feather πŸ˜‰

So I was like “You guys should do this more often! Tease her and then get us some yummies” – Silly me!

Asooma, you rock πŸ˜‰

26 responses to “Frosting Asooma!

  1. wedy a3aref cham waznich πŸ˜›

  2. doesn’t look big! more pics.. also you can tease and feed me any time ;p

  3. even i want 😦 the cookie is soooo big..
    if only my colleagues were this sweet!!

    • Hahaha try the Baking Tray’s

      You have to call in advance and arrange it… I was their first customer with the giant cookie idea hehe πŸ˜‰

  4. wanasa!
    i don’t mind getting upset if i will have cookies and red valvet later

  5. yesss yesssss ansaam i TOTALLY agree :p

  6. Noooo Believe me .. the cookie was GREAT and FROST Velvet Cupcakes are my favorite (thats y they chose that place :p) but nothing is worth the little joke they played (meeeeeaaaaaaaaan)

    wanted to kill them … till i got my little treat.. then all was well… :$ :p

  7. Oooh i hate teasing and pranks… being the biggest de3la in q8 i would have turned it into so much drama that they would have hated themselves for ever thinking of teasing me! A ticket to London would have made me forgive them though :p

    The cookie looks amazing and thoughtful though πŸ™‚ is it from Frost as well?!!! and whats with the elephant :p

  8. Hi,
    Im glade the cookie and red velvet made your day:)

  9. cute hehe that’s my sister inlaw’s work ;P

  10. Hey ansam πŸ™‚ may i know where did you order the cupcake from its look soooooo YUMMY

  11. haha reminds me of sex and the city

  12. At first glance, I thought the dark areas on th cookie are shadows of the photograph. However, taking a closer look makes me realise that the cookie is actually burned.
    The cupcake looks very cute yes, but only if it was made by my 12 year old sister.
    You’d probably say that the tase was amazing. But Ansam, you and I know that wehn you sell something, you’ll have to consider quality and professionality which are represented in your work’s taste AND presentaion.
    To put it all in ne sentence: I wouldn’t pay my money for a burned cookie, and an unprofessionally decorated cupcake.

    • The pictures are not doing it any justice πŸ˜‰
      I agree with you on presentable items, but I got there late.. the cookie picture is not even mine πŸ˜‰

  13. To Sublime: Myself and my kids have tried Frost’s cupcakes and we all love them. Your post is not objective. Your criticism is very harsh and appears personally motivated!

    • To each his own opinion πŸ™‚ I liked the cookie more than the cupcake… it felt more like a cake than a cookie though. Nice work

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