Blogs I Like


Well simply because I never get bored there! I mean the posts are short, interesting, informative,  and with visual aid!! I visit it almost daily. Now I do not leave much comments.. but I do take lots of notes! I like the things they post about, from gadgets to general info on food! I love it! I see things like this bag, and I think I want it… I note it down in my endless wish list from this blog (I will blame you if I go bankrupt!!). I also pass by Al Hamra Tower on my way to work and take random pictures here and there waiting for it to finish… specially after I saw the end result!

I seriously can go on and on about the things I saw and liked…. and noted down!!!

Awesome blog… Or just how they put it “Our blog is a bookmark to the web’s cream of the crop, from the most noteworthy sites, to news and reviews on the latest and greatest.”

True that, Chapeau Bas! Well done Tidbit Du Jour 😉

10 responses to “Blogs I Like

  1. I love their blog! Everything they find is new and interesting, nothing repetitive. Its one of the first blogs i open every morning 🙂

  2. me likey toooo! 🙂

  3. the blog is realy intresting!
    thanx Ansam;)

  4. Thank you so much for recognizing our blog! Believe me the feeling is more than mutual 🙂 Your blog is a regular daily stop for us! And it’s an honor to be among the blogs you like, we hope to always keep you entertained (but not bankrupt! lol)

  5. i really love reading their posts on new gadgets and fashion and really crazy stuff around that i havent even heard of 🙂
    Nice post ansam 🙂

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