Posh Cafe

Last week we met with our friends at Posh Cafe… a new hip cafe that I have been meaning to go to for quite some time, and I finally did πŸ˜‰

The place was nicely crowded, we picked a table and browsed through their menu. Since it was our first time, the staff were nice enough to suggest dishes. You can also go by the bar and check their desserts and cakes.

We were there for dessert, so I didnt get to try their main dishes… but I got a bite of my friend’s yummy artichoke dip πŸ˜›

This is my yummy carrot cake πŸ˜€

Coconut rice pudding

Thats my friend brownie.. I think! She said it taste like a yummy baked cookie

Chocolate fondant…

If I am not mistaken, our bill was for around KD20… take or leave 3 πŸ˜‰

32 responses to “Posh Cafe

  1. So you are eating now a lot ! ashwa mo bas ana ele akel πŸ˜›

    bel3afya :P~

  2. i love the desserts…they looks super yummy!!and nice presentation!! i have never had a coconut rice pudding..how was it??

  3. omg where should i go in this week end with all those reviews

    because of you, danderma and ilsul6ana i will be busy this W.E lol

    one thing am sure about is Alice in Wonder Land!!

  4. ansam!
    im bigining to question ur judgment 5alas! madri 3la sheno temd7een hal cafe! ” ylawe3 il chabd ” ” 3ooo3 ” r the words to describe the place! staff magatha oo il menu tfashel ;/ ! 3la shenoooooo ! 3laaa shenoooo!!!
    bs kil kilma wil thanya ” they were nice enough to offer… to suggest… to invite… ” ! ee min 3ither chethe ur reviews!
    its a shame sara7a !

  5. I loved their food! I had the chicken risotto, it was quite delicious, and the chocolate cake, i’m not sure what it’s called, but it was really good!!! the service was exellent as well!

  6. had to have my meal there real quick cuz i had a movie to catch and surprisingly they got everything fast enough to finish the meal in around 30 minutes! though it is small and usually crowded with overwhelmed staff but actually they got everything right in a short period of time! .. everything was yummy but the mango lecce desert was so good (if you were not in the mood for chocolate) ..

    I have a Q: where do they cook their food? chena the cooking area is too small to prepare main dishes ?

  7. i loved the place , eyanin , even the fries eyanin

  8. u didn’t get the pierced coffee mug there??

  9. i had lunch their yesterday the artichock dip was so yummy and i had the citrus chicken rissoto ..
    Their breakfast is out of this world they serve egg shakshooka in a small pan and the bread basket so yummy

  10. posh cafe one of the best cafe in 360 7adaa 3ajeeb o le staff wayid friendly πŸ™‚

  11. Wow…. Somsom! Now I got to go and try it!!! I’m fainting from hunger πŸ˜‰ and great pics!

  12. i read somewhere in the comments ina il fries eyanin, for that, i’m definitely going πŸ˜› hehehe

    Thanks for the review Ansam πŸ™‚

  13. 3ad tawni makla feeh eyanen.. 5o9oo9an el dinamite shrimp nafs mal PF Changs oo a7la ba3ad.. bas 3endi so2al ansam: is it international cafe’?

    • My God! I have to go again soon!!!
      I dont know if its a franchise or local creation! But if I am not mistaken, its the same owners of Nino

  14. wain hatha ? shakla hala wala !!

  15. looks yummy πŸ™‚

  16. Correcting my previous post which please delete:


    Ana gilt chithi gabil la nakil feeh- Il akil fee q8’na mush walabud: 3ayal colored whip-cream cupcakes, istaghfar Allah.

    Lakin sara7a aklah 3ajeeb. Il kaik mathboo6.

    Bas lazim tjarboon:

    Their Tempura Shrimp dish, &
    Their β€œtruffled” fries.

    a7san iw akhaf min Fauchon (both good), & Meem.

    Ansam, as you are named, you are a breath of fresh air sister. I would like more reviews of haute cuisine around the world.

    ansa7ik fee Restaurant Murano 20 Queen Street, Mayfair, London. Very nice haute cuisine Italian. You have very high taste.

    Abu 3abdallah

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