Random Thought!

Whats the point of drinking decaf coffee? Taste?? Aroma? Quench thirst?

Whats the point of sterilizing needles for lethal injections? Policies? Procedures?

Why do Kamikazes wear helmets? To contain their heads in one piece? To get paid for doing the job?

I know I know…. I am asking and answering…. Its just an oxymoron!!

2 responses to “Random Thought!

  1. 1-Drinking decaf I believe is about the aroma, scientists proved that smelling coffee alone will alert you enough as if you drank it.

    as of 2 & 3 yes it’s about meeting minimum requirements of a process, it looks funny but even if things don’t come to the usual end it must be done in a certain way to comply to its standards.

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