Almond Shake

My sister treated me to one of her favorite juices in town….. 3alam Al3aseer (Juices’ World) in Shuwaikh Coop! She ordered us both Almond Shake/Juice (baithan) which was really good with some crushed iced.. VERY refreshing and highly recommended 😀

Give it a try 😉

Other juices I tried were DahiyaQadsiya, and Yarmouk‘s coops  parlors;-)

6 responses to “Almond Shake

  1. you should try kaifan’s , its my favourite

    i love orange mixed with carrot , i love their peach juice , they sometimes mix it with milk , it might sound weird but its yummy and the cocktail 3ajeeeb

  2. Juice’s world

    عصير العالم


    اتوقع العصير هذا مغشوش لأنه 70% من عصيره ماي

  3. The one in Kaifan smells like a wet towel :/

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