Jeff de Bruges Ice Cream

If you havent notice my love for ice cream, then  you do not know me well ;-P (read more). Anyways… we passed by Jeff de Bruges store while in Paris and I spotted the soft ice cream machines. It was so cold (actually freezing) but that did not stop me from getting me a cone 😉

I remember we had Jeff de Bruges store in Salmiya, and for some reason it changed its name to Bonbonniere or something, but they never offered ice cream! Too bad, cuz its really good!!

Well after I got my cone, people lined up to get ice cream… including my sisters and friend… so not only am I crazy about ice cream, but I make it look good too hahahaha ;-P

17 responses to “Jeff de Bruges Ice Cream

  1. bel3afya 🙂
    what’s the flavor you chose ?
    Is it lemon?

  2. who is Not crazy about ice-cream

    shakla eshawwg l store!!

  3. You know ansam i realy love your blog 🙂
    and i share your love to soft ice cream
    amazing pics 😉

  4. It looks really good. Bel3afia! and I love the layout of the the design and colors.

  5. Jeff de bruges o ice cream?!Ya salaaaam! That must have been a happy Ansam day 😀

    I don’t mind having ice cream in 0 degree weather either… infact i strongly believe its a good cure for sore throat :p

  6. looks YUMM!

    3alaich bil 3afya dear 😉

  7. C’est Magnifique!!

  8. Dunno about Jeff D ‘something or other, but you can get the same style ice cream flavored with fruits from 3dailiyah Co-Op Juice guy…:) pretty yummy too..

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