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An awesome idea by a young brilliant Kuwaiti girl! She bought that Teddy Bear and started taking him to different places/locations and snapping pictures on a daily basis till she reaches Day 365, by then…. Teddy will be auctioned and proceeds should go to charity. Not only that, but she’s also spreading awareness on various issues in the process, such as the environment (and this is where I followed them and snapped a picture of him last October), health, social responsibility, arts, and more!

He surely got the media attention… and honestly, I am in love with this project 😀

Check out their video on YouTube on PechaKucha Night last year.


Or check out Teddy B. Blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter 😉

Teddy! You rock! Keep going 😉

12 responses to “Blogs I like

  1. Yes, it’s a really cool project…and Teddy’s so cute!

  2. I love teddy too .. but all this time I thought it was a man taking those pictures!! I don’t know why !!

  3. @Shosho Yessss it worked 😛 I love how rumours spread so fast here. I think I’ll start a new one and see what happens. Thanks Ansam for you post! You should check out the new pecha kucha presentation in dubai 🙂

  4. great idea, nice presentation.

  5. amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing youtube! Mashalla

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