On the 7th Day of our trip, we decided to have breakfast at Laduree. We headed to the one on Champs Elysees, right in the same building of one of the Kuwait Embassy branches/attachees.

The place is famous for their macaroons, sweets, pastries, and many more desserts! They have 45 pastry chefs and 40 cooks to prepare traditional and festive dishes that shows their talent and art of cooking!

The art does not stop at food here! The place is really nicely decorated!!! We sat at the bar area because the place was full…. amazing romantic setting!

And now its food time 😉

My sister ordered a dish of pastries

Not being a fan of croissants, I was told to try it at least once while in Paris… and so I did! Thank God it was small one, and it was really fresh and yummy… though I am not a fan….. but I do not regret eating it 😉

Dont you just love food!? Dont you love it even more when its nicely presented!!?

We ordered lattes and hot chocolate…. all of which were absolutely fabulous!

And now our food pictures. I ordered fried eggs

Really yummy… I mean there is nothing so special about it, but the place, service, atmosphere, presentation… all made up for it!

But this is what my friend order… and I love her SO MUCH for letting me try it. She ordered scrambled eggs with shaved black truffles, and this must be the tastiest, sexiest, and fanciest scrambled egg I have ever seen in my life! It is surely what I highly recommend at Laduree

Our bill came to a total of EUR77 (Average of EUR 15 per person).

Laduree is an amazing place, not to be missed!

Laduree Champs Elysees is located on 75, avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008 and their Tel # is

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23 responses to “Laduree

  1. waaaaai ,, i miss laduree so much ,, every pic u post w every comment u made abt the food w the place gets me back there! thank God u tried their Croissant! make sure not 2 miss their club sandwiches! u really have 2 ,, they have like 4 kinds! i recommend the Crab club sandwich and the Veggie one ,, w the regular one also 3ajeeb ,, forgot the names lel asaf! w 3aleech b 1000 3afyaa ;**

  2. The
    is to die foooooor!

  3. Their omelet is to die foooooor!

  4. wooow shakla row3aa

    3leekom bel 3afia :>

  5. Just had their chocolate 2 days ago .. we should have it in Kuwait

  6. one of my first stops when in paris!

  7. Ummm…Yum! Love the omlette!

  8. decor el bar raheeeb… el scrambled m3a el faqee3 shakelha lathethaa !! yabela .. great review ansam …

    me n my sis went their almost every day ..
    love thier breakfast wether on the bar or down stairs ….
    loved thier mullfee didnt try their macrons
    Me and yours truley whent their last june

  10. mino yaby yesawee weyay mo qa6a3aa 3ala Ansams`s blog!!!!!

    wala sheno hatha i gained like 3 kilos min i leswar !!

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