As usual, we took a walk around the city. It was SO COLD!!! Colder than Paris, I think it was around 10 BELOW zero that day!

Oh and I just had to take a picture of Thomson and Thompson (AKA Dupond et Dupont)! Hahahaha! You know those guys?? They named a street after them! COOL! (I think they were called Tic wa Tac in Arabic? Right???)

Anyways… we arrived at Grand Place and took some pictures here and there! Some nice building! I love Europe! The architecture is amazing! Thats Brussels Town Hall

And the walk continues… I saw this chocolate store with the famous Manneken Pis in different colors! LOL

As we were walking by, we stopped by some few shops!

It was around lunch time, so we decided to look for a restaurant! I knew what I wanted to have! Moules Frites (mussels and french fries)

We ended up at a place called Le Grand Bi that I will be reviewing in another post.

Afterwards, we headed to Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert. The place was still full of life 🙂

And I just had to go see the Manneken Pis again!

After so many pictures (SO MANY) and lots of chocolate tasting all day, we headed back to the Grand Place for tea/coffee before we took the train back…. The Christmas tree looked fabulous all lit in blue 🙂

We decided to go to La Chaloupe d’Or.

I ordered verbena tea and a waffle 🙂

And we headed back to the train Station, Bruxelles-Midi! Buhbye chocolate, smurfs, waffles, mussels….etc!

Our train was delayed due to weather conditions :-S

And when you’re bored… you sometimes take crazy silly pictures just to kill time… and I am sharing only few of which 😛

This was my second trip to Belgium (Click here for few pictures of my previous visit)

23 responses to “Brussels

  1. ya36eech el3afyaaa khoosh post o khoosh 9owar bas kila eb9oob o el Manneken Pis eb9oob LOOOOL

  2. I loved Your Teddy bear photos. In my country we have a big museum of Teddies, so those in Your post were so cute to see.


    Check out the post and try some of my Paris food recommendations..

    If your looking for superb crepes try Breizh Cafe in Marais.. 4eme in Paris 🙂 You wont regret it!

  4. Amazing! I will visit it inshallah 😉

  5. wow this place is just beautiful!! that’s it next holiday season im out :)..the tree is so big.. me want 😦

  6. i love brussels…it’s my second home 😀

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  9. Ansam, wain hatha ay dawla lol

  10. Hello. You asked where is the Teddy Bear museum. It is in Finland nearby Hyvinkää and from Helsinki it takes about half an hour by train to reach Hyvinkää.

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