Paris Day IV

Day IV was really nice. We took the metro down to Sacre-Coeur. On our ride, we were enjoying some metro entertainment… which is very common! Some are good, some are bad… to our luck, this guy was good and nice too



Then we arrived Basilique du Sacre-Coeur. The place was so lively, it was full of people doing different things… selling souvenirs,  selling roasted chestnut, performing arts, taking picturs…etc!

And… yes, thats me 😉 Well, my shadow (Ansam Longlegs) 😛

And continuing our way up to the Basilica

Some nice show here too 😉

The view from the top! Yes dont forget to snap that pic when you reach there. Just turn around and look at Paris ❤

Live music

And hmmmmm… Chestnuts 😀

We got in, but of course couldnt take any pictures inside… So we walked out and headed to Montmartre art district!

On my Paris “To Do List” I wrote this.

“After visiting the Basilica, go to Montmartre, walk around the central little square! Check out the artists painting and enjoy the scene, and buy a crepe from any crepe window”…. Well, I did that!

I walked around the area and checked out the artists… some would follow you and start painting a portrait without you fully agreeing on it, so you either go with it.. or just tell them no, smile, and walk away 🙂

And thats where we decided to get crepes from, Comestibles

A small cozy cafe, with paintings of the city on the wall.. our server was from Arabic origins and spoke with us in his broken Arabic (I guess he wanted to refresh it a bit)! Very nice man

We all wanted to have crepes, so again… with the variety 😉

And again, my new addiction, Vervine Tea (verbena)

And there they are! The crepes in chocolate, beurre et sucre (butter and sugar), and apricot jam! Mine was the beurre et sucre! YUMMMM very yummy home style crepes!

And we continued walking around… it was such a nice day 🙂

Because Montmarte is high on a hill, you can take a cable car up right next to the entrance of the basilica – that is of course if you are too lazy to go up those stairs! Plus you will be missing the beautiful scenes as you ascend  😉 Oh and you can use your metro ticket for the cable car ride 😉

You can get to Sacre Coeur by metro line 12 towards Abbesses, or line 2 towards Anvers.

15 responses to “Paris Day IV

  1. hey Ansaam ,, if u have some time ,, you should go to Saint Michelles and try the Falafel there at maoz ,, then feeh ma7al ice cream jeddama esma Amorino ,, THESE 2 places R a MUSTTT!!! w bon voyage w trj3een bl salama 😀

  2. Nice post! It seems like such a lovely place 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for such detailed reviews, and i have something to ask: after you finish all Paris review topics, post a specific topic and include all the previous links in it.

    have a nice day 🙂

  4. hi ansam, for a lady doing so many food reviews, you have an enviably thin shadow,way to go.

  5. Bonjour Cheri… amazing post 😉
    and I love ces crepes 😉
    you’re taking me back through memory lane and those carefree years. Merci! :*

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