Nuclear in the GCC

My friend sent me an invitation to join the facebook group: SAY NO TO NUCLEAR IN THE GCC!

I checked out the group info and they say: “Nuclear power programs are being seriously considered by Gulf oil exporting countries, to meet demand for electricity and desalination. It is seen as a long term solution to high fuel costs and a way to reduce carbon emissions.

The United Arab Emirates hopes to have it first nuclear power plant up and running by 2015, with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia expected to follow suit.

Introducing nuclear energy into the Gulf is like selling it sand. Other than extensive oil reserves, the region boasts enviable sustainable and safe options for energy such as solar power and wind.

Nuclear power carries an unacceptable risk. The environmental, social, security and proliferation problems that have always plagued the nuclear industry continue to do so, despite over half a century of attempts to find solutions.

Why you should say NO to nuclear in the Gulf and elsewhere:

– Nuclear power has not suddenly become safer or cleaner. It creates tens of thousands of tons of lethal nuclear waste, which lasts hundreds of thousands of years. The legacy of the nuclear waste remains unsolved, with dangerously high levels of waste currently being accumulated in temporary above-ground storage facilities. A storage or operational failure in a nuclear plant could lead to a catastrophic release of radioactivity. There is NO guarantee that a Chernobyl-scale accident will not happen again.

– Nuclear power provides the basic ingredients for nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and provides an obvious target for terrorists. The safety of our society as well as our children’s is compromised by the the existence and expansion of the nuclear nightmare.

– Nuclear energy is an expensive diversion from achieving a low carbon future, only capable of saving a fractional amount of GHG in a prolonged amount of time. We can reduce carbon emissions much more effectively by focusing our resources in using renewable energies and promoting energy efficiency. Indeed, there is no energy shortage in this world. More energy falls on the Earth each day than its 5.9 billion inhabitants would use in 27 years.

The risks of renewable energy are real, long-lasting and unnecessary. Do you really want this in the Gulf?”

Read more on Arabian Business: Kuwait set to sign nuclear cooperation with France

Thanks Maryam J. 😉

20 responses to “Nuclear in the GCC

  1. Nuclear in the GCC is like a bad joke sra7a…

    If you are looking for alternative energy thingies… why not make use of the solar energy? You know, the thing that makes us FLEE the gulf every summer?! HEAT~ y3ni it will cost you almost nothing o if somehting goes wrong we dont have to suffer

    inama nuclear!? You need scientists with huge payrchecks… you need uranium which is not cheap… it’s even more expensive than oil for gods sake… and at the slightest malfunction you can endanger us all with severe radiation that will last for EVER! given our history with she3eba refinery… it is not that impossible a scenario…

    laish y3ni? shino il ma’3za? mani fahma ana… 3shan yetshe7e6on enah ‘we have nuclear’…wella bs oho sebaq?


    Yam3awda, itha ma7a6at 9rf 9i7i (Mishrif) mo 3arfeen ysha’3loonha, tabeen ysha’3loon Nuclear Power Plant?!?! ROFL!!!!

    Ana a3tiqid enna el mashroo3 ra7 yen6ere7 & el monaqa9at ra7 tanzel & 3oqob ma kil wa7id yboog 3ala kaifa, el mashroo3 yetkansal. As usual.

  3. if that’s true then it’s plain stupid, let them learn to use the AVAILABLE solar power.. and then go to the expensive complicated proces of nuclear power..

  4. MBH said it perfectly !

    And theyre probably gonna have cheap, unskilled labour operating it ba3aad,, allah yastr!

  5. thank you for this post.

    the alternatives to nuclear energy exist but the voices pushing for them are not heard .

  6. Yes, nuclear energy is the future.

  7. Purgatory, and the past! (Chernobyl)

    As danderma mentioned, why not use Solar Energy?
    Have you seen Kuwait’s map lately? We’re all shoved up against the coast and the rest of the country is a huge paint-ball field!

    Solar Energy cells nowadays have 40-45% efficiency and there have been many reviews of individuals in the US deploying such solutions at home and end up saving money.

    Also, if we deploy it at homes, we should be able to divert excess power back to the Ministry of Power and you get paid for it! (or deduct from your current bill)

  8. Solar energy is not efficient on a nation wide scale, it’s a new technology that hasn’t received enough funding and research to be a viable source capable of powering up a busy city/nation.

    It will cost $2 billion or more to power up the city mentioned in the article which will be mostly residential.

    Solar power is still seen as a pet project for the overly optimistic, it’s still not efficient and reliable enough to serve as a main source of energy for large, industrious cities/countries.

    However, I do think that Kuwait should have invested some money into developing regional technologies aimed at improving solar energy technology and for setting up the infrastructure to do so when the day that it becomes efficient enough.

    But Kuwait is too busy bailing out people with debts as a result of giving into their whiny daughters pleas for a 2010 Lexus sedan.

    Did you know israel have been working on solar technology since 1967?

    “By 1967 around one in twenty households heated their water with the sun and 50,000 solar heaters had been sold and now used in over 90% of israeli homes.”

    Tiqfa what was Kuwait doing back then and all this time with the money?

    The 360 mall comes to mind.

  9. Nuclear Energy is misunderstood and safe, it just needs to be handled properly like handling women.

  10. For a country with 90% a year with a sunny day solar energy is more than enough. but there are who tries to fight the development of solar power…..everyone knows that.

    Nuclear energy has a more expensive start but stable expensive in future and who says it has waist more than oil it’s not true. on the other hand nuclear has a bigger problem political security is hard also any failure means total death of the region. In the gulf we have outside pressure to put a nuclear plant in GCC to try to counter pressure for Iran, if the leaders agree we will fall in a bad political war that isn’t even ours -.-

  11. In the end part of your post you say

    “The risks of renewable energy are real, long-lasting and unnecessary. Do you really want this in the Gulf?””

    Don’t you mean nuclear energy????

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