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The Ugly Truth

I <3 Chestnut!

I so want to be shopping in Europe right now and buying chestnuts from the vendors there! We should have a stand like that in Kuwait! Not just corn and jacket potatoes! I have seen one in Plaza Al Salmiya once, but never again! Are there any chestnut vendors in town?

El Baile del Perrito


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The New Chick In Town!

Guess what???

I am happy to announce that as of today….. I have a Continue reading

Kids and Santa

I saw this video on my cousin’s blog earlier today


Merry Christmas

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Bayan Dental

Okay! So I have not been to a dentist clinic in “few” years! As a matter of fact, the last time I was there was when I had to remove my wisdom tooth… which is, hmmm again “few” years back. When I was under mom’s she used to take us at least twice per year, but since I turned 18… it was all done my way! Hahahaha

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Ms. Rama from Bayan Dental sent me an email asking if I was interested in getting a complimentary voucher that holds the value of KD220 for scaling and sapphire teeth whitening-sensitive free!

I thought to myself… this must be a sign! A sign for me to finally give in and go to see a dentist! I accepted… it was really a generous offer. I booked an appointment for December 23rd!

The clinic is located on the 6th floor in AlKhurafi Tower in Kuwait City, which is where HSBC is… close to the Church.

I walked to the receptionists and the first thing I noticed is their smiles… I approached them and started asking questions first like a ghost shopper without presenting my voucher. They were attentive and friendly. So I told them that I have this voucher from Ms. Rama. I was then asked to fill a form which includes your personal info, medical history, fears, likes and dislikes, and concerns. Plus… they answered all my questions, kept asking if I needed anything… or if I wanted something to drink while waiting! Well I did not wait too long… I was asked if I was ready!!! *ahem*

And the journey begins!!!! I was treated first by Mae, who performed deep cleaning of my teeth. I liked the fact that she prepared me for each procedure and each step she took.

“This is gonna sound loud”

“This one will taste a bit salty”

She was very helpful and allowed me to take as many pictures as I wanted… she even took a picture of me! LOL… Well it kinda made me feel more at ease and more relaxed. She also recommended I do the cleaning every six months, which I am planning to do… and that will make my momma happy at last!!

I was then guided to see THE dentist, Dr. Waleed AlFulaij and his assistant Rachel! As I mentioned before… I do not like going to the dentist! But guess what? He broke the ice! Turned out we were sent to study in the States in the same year!! He really made a nice introductory before he cut to the chase and started examining my teeth!! *whew* nice move!

Well anyways… Can I brag??? My teeth do not really need whitening, he still asked me if I wanted to go ahead with it, but really they are white.. not super white, but natural white! He suggested that he makes molds/trays for me to perform an “at home” bleaching instead… but guess what!!! 😦  I have Cavity :’-( That means I have to go back for treatments :-S Yikes!

Well anyways… I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bayan Dental, and Ms. Rama for this free and amazing visit, and the whole team who worked on my teeth yesterday; Mae, Rachel, and Dr. Waleed! They were all helpful, friendly, attentive, punctual, and FULL of smiles…. which reflects their “Show Off Your Smile” campaign! I think my fear kinda subsided… it is still there, but at least now I am facing it!!

As for the cavity, looks like I am going back again to kick its sorry ass :-)… I blame it on my ice cream addiction 😛

Bayan Dental is located in Al Khurafi Tower – Kuwait City. They also have another clinic in Layla Tower – Salmiya.

Their Tel # is 2382-4000

Bayan Dental


iLSul6ana’s Review

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Kuwait Lawmakers Seek To Monitor Blogs

Kuwait’s information minister has said that some blogs’ content have become a threat to the national cohesion, and appealed to the parliament to endorse a proposal to monitor blogs, citing social and stability threats, Gulf News has reported. “We are therefore working on a draft law to monitor blogs and we urge the parliament to approve it,” Shaikh Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah told Kuwait’s MPs.


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Retrospection is their view on life; their eyes as of now are camera lenses and #2 pencils.

The Artists are:

  • Farah Al Wuqayan
  • Farad Al Hunaif
  • Talah Al Sayer
  • Farah Al Souri &amp;
  • Naser Al Qatami

Their all joined forces to create a memory in which all people can remember through their photographs, drawings, and sculptures.

This is their escape: exhibiting art.

Thursday 24th December: 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Friday 25th December: 11:30AM- 11:00PM

Link for facebook event page:;index=1