Happy Birthday P0ach

Many happy returns on the day Mr. P0ach 😉 You are awesome!

Here you go… breakfast on me today!

16 responses to “Happy Birthday P0ach

  1. Amazing breakfast.. What is the black stuff in the bowl?

  2. dE – LISH! 🙂

  3. hehe… yea the bday boy wil love it 🙂 but looking at ur pic im hungry now…that too i just had a sandwich.. o_o

  4. With a breakfast like that, remind me to tell you when my birthday comes…

  5. ummm madree if you know this but I dont have words to say when im overly excited or overwhelmed, so I can not thank you enough for this post, bas know ina my brain has many things to say, i find it hard to express’em out 😛

    THANK YOU ;*

    • Now where can I start?? 🙂
      You dont have to say anything… I think you are the chicken soup for the bloggersphere! With your shining personality and the positive vibes you send to everyone… I just found myself preparing this post… automatically 😉

    • Im a 3rd person to this conversation but i couldnt agree ne more! 🙂 i think both u guys have blogs that make you wanna come early morning and just blog away 🙂

      * eyes flutter!

    • awwww! Thanks 🙂 So sweet of you to say so… but to be quite honest, P0ach is brighter and shinier hehehe

    • True..he does! But u’ve got ur foood..which lets admit it..is a slice of heavenly magic ! 😀

    • awwww thanks Nbz 😉

  6. Ok officially in MUTE MODE !

    THANK YOU for your kind words, it means alot, honestly it does.

    U = missing angel from up above, ;*

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