Three Letters

Those three letters together reads “Farted” in Kuwaiti dialect!

25 responses to “Three Letters

  1. tee – hee – hee * giggles 🙂

  2. hehehe…nice one!! that too its on a number!!

  3. wow, and i thought ye’d never manage to achieve any new level of sucking! 😉

  4. LOL!!! XD
    I love this (Farted 752 times)

  5. ahahhhaah that’s too funny

  6. hmmm i wonder who farted 752 times: the country, the car, or its owner… maybe all three hehe

  7. loool
    allah y3een 9a7eb el syara ;P

  8. khalid and ansam… they are definitely not lol… the owner and the egyptian public prolly have no clue hehe

  9. If someone asked me to describe your blog I would say 5afeef 6’areef and fun to follow .. Life is full of confilicts and controversies ( political or relegoius) if you choose not to write constantly about them it’s your choice .. Same thing applies when choosing the blog u read. if u don’t like a blog, find another that you do ! There are many out there that meet the ‘the level’ anyone set 🙂


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  12. K.R respect others like you expect them to respect you. If you think ansam’s blog sucks and i quote “wow, and i thought ye’d never manage to achieve any new level of sucking! ” basically meaning you’ve been reading her blog for a while… then why do so in the first place? .. no disrespect but thats solely your problem and nobody else. Ansam im one of your silent readers but i couldnt just sit there and read such a comment.

  13. LOL ma sweat 3alaik ya KR..

    oh, and u really need to learn how to spell before you invite yourself to a blog that u deem as ‘sucking’.

    now enough wasteful cyber surfing and enroll in Pitman, Berlitz, or any local school to learn proper english and etiquette ba3ad mara wa7da since u seem to be lacking in that particular department 😀 YAAY!!

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