Disclaimer II

Last August I posted a disclaimer with “extra” information on my “N0-No” posts! And here I am explaining it to you all AGAIN! Those posts are MY views and what I like and dislike. What I dont agree with or what I see wrong.

The pictures I use in my No-No posts are from:

  • My camera – my own pictures
  • Friends
  • Email forwards
  • Or contacts through blog

Most of the time they are being sent to me with censored faces, and in addition to their censoring, I do more covering. I do not show faces or write down names. I state what I see wrong when it comes to respect to others… In MY opinion, that is!

Keep in mind that I am not doing it to “EXPOSE” or “OFFEND” anyone! Think of it as a general awareness!

A good example that is similar somewhat to what I do is Glamour Magazine! They post pictures of street styles with DO’s and DONT’s of fashion. I do it in General

Here are some Glamour Magazine worst DONTs:


So I am going to password-protect some of those posts from now on…. anyone who can keep an OPEN mind and would like to view them, please let me know! Otherwise, take a chill pill 😉

39 responses to “Disclaimer II

  1. Emmmmmmm mn eseb7 hal eswar !!!

    alah yesam7ich !

    a6aleb eb ta3weth wela astajweb wazer le3lam !

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  3. I feel that what the magazine does is unnecessarily mean and I really hope you don’t take that as an example for your blog. But that’s just my wish and it’s besides the point. I looked at a couple of No-No posts of yours…scooping up after pets and picking up trash and no wall in some park. There are no pictures of people there! That takes the maliciousness out of it. So shilmushkila? Why are you censoring yourself or limiting your readers when you’re not being malicious or gossipy or mean-spirited?

    • Some people wont see the main idea behind it! I am not posting pictures with names and faces! I blur, cover, and censor so many things! I write what I PERSONALLY see as wrong and unaccepted in different ways and about different things! Its annoying me!!

  4. I would definitely like to view ur future no-no’s. I don’t see how other people would get offended from ur posts. Maybe they just aren’t open to changing the wrong that is going on…

    • I will keep you posted, even if they are not open to changes, at least they should learn to respect my opinion, views, and posts! I am not doing it to expose or offend, just writing things I dont like while censoring it as well! But what can I say! Its in the human nature, most of the time they think of the bad and negative first and jump to conclusions!

  5. hey keep me in for them 🙂

  6. Somsom… I don’t think you should justify yourself to anyone… it is your blog, your thoughts, your opinion…even if it is mean… if they don’t like it then they should stop reading. Al nas ma ya3jebhom al3ajab! They always find fault in everything you do. So ignore it and keep up the good work.

  7. I’d love to keep reading them. tbh, I don’t feel you need to protect them because you didn’t do anything wrong and they are not offensive posts.

  8. Yes-Yes to your No-No

    The second picture posted – I think I saw that person at Singapore’s Night Safari..

  9. I agree with Dalal, I really don’t think you need to justify what you post on YOUR blog at all!
    If people have posted negative things in reaction to what you have posted then just hit the delete button and don’t even give it another thought. You are doing a really great job with your blog, I always check your post which are extremely interesting and if there was ever anything that I didn’t agree with, (has never actually happened!) then I wouldn’t dream of telling you so!

    • Thanks R 🙂 I know! On my “Three Letters” post, someone left a stupid comment, I replied to him/her anyways! I am seriously thinking of what to approve and what to NOT approve now! Thank you, you are SO SWEET 😀 You can tell me, I dont mind it… its just how you say it 🙂 If you know what I mean

  10. I think they fail to understand that the no-no is directed at the act/concept rather than the person doing it but some people just dont get it.
    If you remember I previously said that I dont favor password protection for posts but if you do.. you have my email id, just send me the password 😀

  11. well
    some people can be offended by such posts , so its better to monitor it
    any way >>….. you are doing a great job here 🙂

  12. I find your No-No posts interesting and insightful. i usually don’t leave any comments but i felt the need here… I totally understand your point and find this post as some sort of public awareness or something of that matter. And as u said its a personal perspective on what’s right and wrong… definitely keep on reading them…

  13. No No to removing ur No Nos….

  14. I enjoy your posts.

    No-no to pw-protecting them. If someone doesnt like to read it, they can leave!

  15. walaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

    ish3alehom il awadem!? b3d shay mo2ref o u dont like, faces r covered, names nonexistent… o mo 3ajebhom?!

    count me in with the password protected posts plz… o people y3ni grow up plz

    • People are hard to please! No matter what you do…. they will find one way or another to complain or attack… most likely because they wanna get whatever they got out on you! Makes them feel better LOL

      You are in 😉

  16. I love your NO-NO posts. I just posted one on my blog, Check it out

  17. Another case of political correctness gone mad. Please don’t succumb to letting the minority rule. The MAJORITY enjoy your views… that is why we read your blog- NO CENSORSHIP PLEASE.

  18. The second picture up on this post – the lady/guy/thing dressed in that leopard print outfit!!

    Password protection – NO-NO please !

  19. ma3alaich minhum Ansam ohma il minority as Ozziegal said; im on your side

  20. last pic is just sexy

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