I <3 Chestnut!

I so want to be shopping in Europe right now and buying chestnuts from the vendors there! We should have a stand like that in Kuwait! Not just corn and jacket potatoes! I have seen one in Plaza Al Salmiya once, but never again! Are there any chestnut vendors in town?

20 responses to “I <3 Chestnut!

  1. i personally love chestnut…we buy a bag of it from Sultan..roast it and eat it like monsters 🙂
    But i have never seen chestnut vendors..hmm..im gona hunt them now..hehe..
    Btw nice mug 🙂

  2. Castana!! they should have a stand next to cinemas


  3. kan fe stand bel mohallab men fatra bas madry etha still or no !
    ams shewaina 3ala eldewwah ;p

  4. you have good photography skils

  5. there was a stand bl fai7a coop ;p bs madre if it still there;p

  6. chestnut vendors? I’ve never seen one. We usually just buy a bag and roast it ourselves. 🙂

  7. ansam! i want your mug, min wain please 😀

  8. Ansam when did you buy the mug? and which TSC branch please?

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