Kuwait Lawmakers Seek To Monitor Blogs

Kuwait’s information minister has said that some blogs’ content have become a threat to the national cohesion, and appealed to the parliament to endorse a proposal to monitor blogs, citing social and stability threats, Gulf News has reported. “We are therefore working on a draft law to monitor blogs and we urge the parliament to approve it,” Shaikh Ahmad Al Abdullah Al Sabah told Kuwait’s MPs.


Thanks Anand πŸ˜‰

19 responses to “Kuwait Lawmakers Seek To Monitor Blogs

  1. Wave hello to the information minister! πŸ˜€

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  3. They should’ve takecare of many hanging issues in Kuwait .


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  5. 1984 … George Orwell was ahead of his time..

  6. I thought we were proud of our “freedom of speech”?? chinna 6ala3 kalam fa’6i

  7. mohammed, I totally agree..

  8. Typical! They preach about freedom of speech and thought, and when you start expressing yourself or criticizing against their own particular principles or go against the grain, they start making laws about it! while the country is going down the drain!
    The only thing left is to tie us and hang us upside down!

  9. then whats the point of blogging if they will be monitered?? serioulsy…

  10. There we go … guess other countries should also immediately implement this idea. Otherwise their National unity will be under threat.

    Its national security issue, dammit.

    Are there no lawmakers who CAN THINK in this country, to strike a balance between “the not to be said” and “the fake propaganda” ?

    ~ Soul

  11. hmmm… why all of a sudden all of this ..any particular reason behind it…

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  13. We shouldn’t be threatened by this law as long as you ( or us bloggers) know that our posts are not in any way harming or crossing any lines or boundaries, may it be political or a topic that goes against our social norms and traditions.

    Let’s face it, some blogs out there are created just to cause chaos and havoc amongst us and their sole purpose is to break our national unity. Such blogs are the one’s that need to be regulated and monitored.
    “One rotten apple will spoil a barrel”

  14. “Freedom of Speech” and we can’t talk freely
    “Freedom of Speech” and newspapers can’t talk freely and are totally biased..

    “Freedom of Speech” and now even blogs are being watched.

    But np! Google Wave! πŸ˜€

  15. OK… Here is something to think about. Before we start criminalizing VoIP, censoring sites, and monitoring blogs for opinions against our thought, how about laws governing online business and trading? How about licensing online private business? How about investing in an infrastructure that can actually help utilize this evil internet for once?

    Do they ever think of something constructive? Why is it all about censorship?

  16. I wouldn’t want to be monitored ’cause it’s none of their fucking business.

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