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Okay! So I have not been to a dentist clinic in “few” years! As a matter of fact, the last time I was there was when I had to remove my wisdom tooth… which is, hmmm again “few” years back. When I was under mom’s she used to take us at least twice per year, but since I turned 18… it was all done my way! Hahahaha

Well, a couple of weeks ago, Ms. Rama from Bayan Dental sent me an email asking if I was interested in getting a complimentary voucher that holds the value of KD220 for scaling and sapphire teeth whitening-sensitive free!

I thought to myself… this must be a sign! A sign for me to finally give in and go to see a dentist! I accepted… it was really a generous offer. I booked an appointment for December 23rd!

The clinic is located on the 6th floor in AlKhurafi Tower in Kuwait City, which is where HSBC is… close to the Church.

I walked to the receptionists and the first thing I noticed is their smiles… I approached them and started asking questions first like a ghost shopper without presenting my voucher. They were attentive and friendly. So I told them that I have this voucher from Ms. Rama. I was then asked to fill a form which includes your personal info, medical history, fears, likes and dislikes, and concerns. Plus… they answered all my questions, kept asking if I needed anything… or if I wanted something to drink while waiting! Well I did not wait too long… I was asked if I was ready!!! *ahem*

And the journey begins!!!! I was treated first by Mae, who performed deep cleaning of my teeth. I liked the fact that she prepared me for each procedure and each step she took.

“This is gonna sound loud”

“This one will taste a bit salty”

She was very helpful and allowed me to take as many pictures as I wanted… she even took a picture of me! LOL… Well it kinda made me feel more at ease and more relaxed. She also recommended I do the cleaning every six months, which I am planning to do… and that will make my momma happy at last!!

I was then guided to see THE dentist, Dr. Waleed AlFulaij and his assistant Rachel! As I mentioned before… I do not like going to the dentist! But guess what? He broke the ice! Turned out we were sent to study in the States in the same year!! He really made a nice introductory before he cut to the chase and started examining my teeth!! *whew* nice move!

Well anyways… Can I brag??? My teeth do not really need whitening, he still asked me if I wanted to go ahead with it, but really they are white.. not super white, but natural white! He suggested that he makes molds/trays for me to perform an “at home” bleaching instead… but guess what!!! 😦  I have Cavity :’-( That means I have to go back for treatments :-S Yikes!

Well anyways… I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bayan Dental, and Ms. Rama for this free and amazing visit, and the whole team who worked on my teeth yesterday; Mae, Rachel, and Dr. Waleed! They were all helpful, friendly, attentive, punctual, and FULL of smiles…. which reflects their “Show Off Your Smile” campaign! I think my fear kinda subsided… it is still there, but at least now I am facing it!!

As for the cavity, looks like I am going back again to kick its sorry ass :-)… I blame it on my ice cream addiction 😛

Bayan Dental is located in Al Khurafi Tower – Kuwait City. They also have another clinic in Layla Tower – Salmiya.

Their Tel # is 2382-4000

Bayan Dental


iLSul6ana’s Review

12 responses to “Bayan Dental

  1. I went to them:D they are really professional and their service is the best!I reccomend this clinic all the way!

  2. Bayan dental have friendly faces and a lovely atmosphere and I love the design of the clinic!strongly recommend them

  3. Best clinic for the kids! My kids got to choose their dvds and gifts! And the doctor was lovely!thankyou dr george!I love the positive energy

    • I went to pick up my tray and my doctor wasnt there, so I saw another doctor…whom I believe set his room for kids! It was too cute hehehe and His name is George, very nice doctor

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  5. Dr. Waleed is a perfectionist, and that’s important for a dentist who works in such aesthetic area (front teeth) .. I think he is one of the best drs in Kuwait .. and I agree, Ansam you don’t need bleaching. Chicklets white teeth are absolutely unnatural and unattractive ..

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  7. Same here i went for cleaning my teeth wela the dr told me i have 2 cavities in my teeth…big surprise so i told him im not so ready for that 😦

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